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Margaret SaineUte Margaret Saine was born in Germany. After a Yale Ph.D. in French and Spanish, she taught languages, literature, and culture in California and Arizona, as well as writing and translating poetry in five languages. Since 1991, she has been a board member of the CSPS and a CQ editor since 1994. She also edits the CSPS Poetry Letter included in each CQ mailing and served formerly as the CSPS Annual Contest Chair. Her poems have appeared in many journals here and abroad. She has published three books of poetry in English – BodyscapesWords of Art and Lit Angels – as well as six haiku chapbooks in five languages. Three books of poems and a Postwar childhood memoir have just been published in Germany – Das Flüchtige bleibt (The Ephemeral Remains), Das Weite suchen (A Yen to Travel), Atem der Stille (The Breath of Silence), and Das ungeschickte Kind (Awkward Child). Searching for Bridges is a bilingual English-Arabic book of her poems edited by poet and critic Nizar Sartawi. Saine’s poems in Italian are being published in 2017. She has edited many CQ issues, most recently Vol. 44 No. 4 (Fall 2018).